Free Concert Series

Manhattan Inn is proud to present a series of free live performances every Wednesday and Sunday showcasing creative music across genres and fostering a community of musicians who find themselves at home both in the concert halls of Manhattan and the DIY venues of Brooklyn.

Past Performances
James Chance from the Contortions, Georgia Hubley fr YLa Tengo, Viking Moses, Kath Bloom, Doug Wieselman, Phosphorescent, Shazad Ismaily, Sondra Sun Odeon, Darren Ho, Mike Wexler, Helena Espvall fr Espers, 75 Dollar Bill, , Josephine Foster, Blood Orange, Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson, Hallways, Celestial Shore, This Frontier Needs Heroes, Bad Credit No Credit, Chris Bear fr Grizzly Bear, The Shivers, Merce, Che Chen, Miguel Mendez, Sam Jayne (Love as Laughter), Twi the Humble Feather, SkyWhite Tiger, sunMoon, Star Rover, Garret Devoe (Pure Horsehair), Sean Bones, Brian Chase fr Yeah Yeah Yeah's, Nat Baldwin of the Dirty Projectors, Greg Saunier (Deerhoof), Satomi (Deerhoof), Robbie Lee


Wednesday, September 17th
Surface To Air Trio

Surface to Air is back!! 10pm. No cover! 

Thursday, September 18th
Super Hi-Fi

Super Hi-Fi returns to the Manhattan Inn in Greenpoint this Thursday! 

Come dine finely and soak up the artisanal northern Brooklyn atmosphere whilst we take you on a sonic journey through the lands of dub, rocksteady, psychedelia and beyond. 

With your tour guides-
Rick Parker and Alex Asher- trombones
Jon Lipscomb- guitars
Ezra Gale- bass
Madhu Siddappa- drums
10pm! no cover!

Friday, September 19th
DJ Tchotchke!

DJ Tchotchke! (Ryan Kruase of Dear Leader) is back! Midnight till late! 

Saturday, September 20th
DJ Pumpkin Patch


Dance party starts at Midnight! 

Sunday, September 21st
Leonard Cohen 80th Birthday Celebration and "Popular Problems" Release Party

It's Leonard Cohen's 80th birthday! 
Join the celebration of song, this Sunday at Manhattan Inn- 

A stellar ensemble of Inn regulars will get together to perform The Master's songs, from his earliest works to those off his latest record "Popular Problems," hitting stores the next day. 

And, we will be serving Red Needles all night!, Cohen's signature tequila cocktail, first concocted during desperate times in Needles, California. 

8PM. Free! 

Ofir Ganon
Renata Zeiguer
Cassandra Jenkins
Ryan Krause 
Brandon Lopez 
Miguel Morte Valentine 
Miguel Horowitz 
and more...
facebook event!

Monday, September 22nd
Tim Pourbaix and Daniel King! 

The music of Tim Pourbaix (pronounced ‘pour-bay’) is that secret worth sharing. That rare artist, whose voice and songcraft sound instantly familiar. A master solo performer from the backroom parlors of Brooklyn steps forward with a fully articulated, fourteen song, full-band masterpiece entitled, ‘River Well’. Simply elegant in their construction, Tim’s songs paint a dreamscape worth multiple visits.

9 pm. No cover. !