Free Concert Series

Manhattan Inn is proud to present a series of free live performances every Wednesday and Sunday showcasing creative music across genres and fostering a community of musicians who find themselves at home both in the concert halls of Manhattan and the DIY venues of Brooklyn.

Past Performances
James Chance from the Contortions, Georgia Hubley fr YLa Tengo, Viking Moses, Kath Bloom, Doug Wieselman, Phosphorescent, Shazad Ismaily, Sondra Sun Odeon, Darren Ho, Mike Wexler, Helena Espvall fr Espers, 75 Dollar Bill, , Josephine Foster, Blood Orange, Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson, Hallways, Celestial Shore, This Frontier Needs Heroes, Bad Credit No Credit, Chris Bear fr Grizzly Bear, The Shivers, Merce, Che Chen, Miguel Mendez, Sam Jayne (Love as Laughter), Twi the Humble Feather, SkyWhite Tiger, sunMoon, Star Rover, Garret Devoe (Pure Horsehair), Sean Bones, Brian Chase fr Yeah Yeah Yeah's, Nat Baldwin of the Dirty Projectors, Greg Saunier (Deerhoof), Satomi (Deerhoof), Robbie Lee


Wednesday, August 13th
Adam Schatz Presents: The Slim Tones! 

Adam Schatz curates another wonderful Wednesday show! This weeks museum people features "The Slim Tones!"
Show starts at 10pm! No cover! Just fun times! 

Thursday, August 14th
Maitri with Ben Schapiro! 

Translated from Sanskrit, Maitri (”my tree”) means undeniable love, compassion, and friendship. This group was formed to embrace both the hardship and ecstasy of life through song. Based on her experiences with loving the self and others, Caroline Davis (voice and saxophone) has created a collection of songs to bring people to place of acceptance.

Mobile since her birth in Singapore, Caroline now lives in Brooklyn, New York. She has shared the stage with a diverse group of musicians, including Erin McKeown, Allison Miller, Jenny Owen Youngs, Matt Wilson, Ellis Marsalis, Bobby Broom, and Dennis Carroll. Her jazz quartet album, Live Work & Play, was featured on All About Jazz’s best releases of th eyear and she was named one of Jazztimes’ Best New Artists in the 2012 Expanded Critics’ Poll. She is a regular member of many outfits including Chicago-based Fatbook, Deep Fayed, and Orso, as well as New York-based Cotyledons.

Maitri is heavily influenced by soul and jazz music, as well as modern R&B. Ben Hoffmann (keyboards), Sam Weber (bass), Jay Sawyer (drums), and Neak (emcee) round out this soulful band.
Show starts at 10! No cover! 

Saturday, August 16th
DJ Pumpkin Patch! 

Pumpkin Patch is back! Dance party starts at 12!! 

Sunday, August 17th
Star Rover, Adrianne Lenker & Buck Meek, and Dr. Sick & the Late Greats! 

Buck Meek & Adrianne Lenker
Starts at 10! No cover.

Monday, August 18
Luke Temple, Aerial East, Kaya Wilkins! 

Starts at 10! No cover.

Tuesday, August 19th
Piano Karaoke w/ Joe Mcginty of Psychedelic Furs

Pianist Joe McGinty, formerly of the Psychedelic Furs, can play just about any song there is! Choose your fave from the roster and impress your friends with your sweet vocal skills.
Starts at 10:30!